June 29

4 Fantastic Baby Shower Decoration Ideas


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4 Fantastic Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Cute little fingers, tiny toes, adorable face; mom’s new bundle of joy is on the way to come to this world. It’s time to celebrate the arrival of the unborn baby.

Are you planning to throw a baby shower for your best friend? It’s such a beautiful time when your friend is going to deliver a baby. It’s time to show her your support by hosting a memorable baby shower.

There is no better celebration of friendship than throwing a baby shower for your best friend and her unborn baby. It is the most adorable way to express your joy before the baby is born.

The most important thing in planning a baby shower is to keep in mind that you arrange a comfortable place for the guest of honor (mum-to-be) to sit comfortably and a place to put her feet up. After that, the second most important task is to think about the theme or the decoration idea to make it an amazing event. And yes don’t forget to arrange the templates for baby shower invitation. They are also very important. You can either make or purchase the invitation templates based on your theme of the party. For instance: if your theme is about baby animals then consider baby shower owl invitations, similarly, you can also go for the train-themed baby shower invitations, and alike.

Looking for the decoration ideas to throw a fabulous baby shower for your best friend? If so, then read this article, you will find it helpful, I am sure!


Select a good color scheme that goes with your theme

A good color scheme and a perfect theme will make an excellent combination for the perfect baby shower.  If you are planning a baby shower for a baby girl, then consider shades of pink, lavender, orange, etc.  Decorate the wall (or the stage where you put your baby shower’s themed cake) with the pink flowers or balloons and arrange some activities that go with your theme.


Make an appealing ceiling centerpiece

The refreshment or gathering table is stocked with refreshments, tasty morsels, game components, or baby shower decors already. So what will you do now? How to balance the rest of the space with decoration? It can be challenging. I have got a solution. Create a fantastic suspended centerpiece. Decorate it with tissue pom-poms and colorful paper lanterns. It would be a good idea. You can also try other amazing centerpieces according to your theme.


Make the baby shower a literal interpretation of “shower “

The baby shower is the day when the expected mommy is literally showered with lots of gifts. Why not making this event a real interpretation of the concept shower?  Consider this as your party theme and make cloud clusters with white balloons at the top of a window and make raindrop shaped garlands with colorful tissue papers streaming down from the clouds. It will look sweet, bright, and adorable. You can easily customize the rest of the décor with the colors of raindrops you choose: blue, pink, rainbow, you can have a lot of possibilities.


Pop it up with bright and bubbly color scheme

Frankly speaking, the mum to be is almost ready to pop by the time of the baby showers. It will be a cute idea to theme the baby shower around the “pop” bit. A vibrant and bubbly color scheme, classic graphic stripes, soda, and popcorn bar will make an excellent stage for a baby shower.  This theme would make the event festive and fun to be attending.



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