June 27

Composite Rubber Playground Surfaces – A Safe Solution


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Composite Rubber Playground Surfaces – A Safe Solution

Kids are very robust and manage to survive all kinds of falls and tumbles as their boundless energy powers them through life. Play is a natural part of a child's development and playgrounds need to be constructed with safety in mind, and by incorporating technology into playground design, it is possible to create a safe playing surface in all weathers. Rubber has long been used by man and is an essential resource, even today and with the latest generation of rubber compound playground surfaces, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Safe All-Weather Surfaces

The great thing about rubber playgrounds is they can be used all year round – even after a torrential downpour – as the porous surface allows for optimum drainage – and with a non-slip surface that will not break down regardless of the weather conditions, children can interact in relative safety.  If you own a kindergarten or day care centre, installing rubber playing surfaces will give the parents confidence that as a learning organisation, you care about the safety of your young learners, and any pattern, colour or design can be incorporated.

Extra Depth Soft Areas

In a typical playground there are certain spots where a child is more likely to fall and with a deeper solution, the ground is softer. There are specialist companies who are dedicated to supplying a range of sports and leisure surfaces and with an online search, you can be talking to the experts who will be happy to inspect your premises with a view to installing a rubber playground.

Softfall Playgrounds

Softfall play surfaces comprise of a layer of soft porous material that is set beneath the top surface and they are used worldwide as a safe and non-slip surface. The actual depth of the softfall layer would depend on the type of activities the area is used for. The end of a slide runway, for example, would be the ideal place to add a soft layer, along with the immediate area surrounding a roundabout and either side of a selection of swings, and any area where children might be susceptible to a fall. By installing softfall under your playground surfaces, you are minimising the risk of injury due to a slip or tumble, and many parents are aware of this innovative product and would be looking for a school or care centre that incorporates softfall technology.

Innovative Designs

There are creative designs that incorporate popular games such as snakes and ladders with is a great way to develop movement within the children, or you could create a road network or a hop-scotch grid, which is always a favourite. With safe play surfaces that can be used year-round, young learners will be always be able to play in a safe environment. Customised solutions are the norm in this industry and by spending some time with a professional playground designer, you might be surprised at what can be achieved. With play areas that are designed around specific activities, the children can play safely while also receiving a balanced workout that develops all the muscle groups. You can design a series of special areas that will capture the children's interest and whatever the weather, the play surfaces will always be ready for use.

If you would like more information about the many benefits of soft playgrounds, an online search is the best way to make contact with a reputable supplier and with their expertise and a little creativity, you can transform your play areas with colourful, non-slip surfaces that will protect the children during a fall.


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