June 16

Chilled Summer Salad #FreshFromFlorida #IC


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We are hitting up the beach a few times a week now that school it out.

It so much fun but the other day was a little hot for me. When I came home I just wanted a cold shower and my a/c so we are trying to make sure we go in the afternoons. I pack our cooler full of waters, fresh Florida fruits, and I like to bring dinner so we don't have to rush back home. Nothing worse than being relaxed at the beach and coming home to make dinner. No thank you!

Sometimes we take sandwiches and other times I like to make cold salads. It is still warm out even in the evening and  I need something refreshing and a cold salad hits the spot.

2016-06-16 17.32.00

Especially if it has fresh seafood in it. My family calls me pescetarian, a person who is a vegetarian that eats fish but I eat a little chicken and eggs too I'd probably eat seafood every single day, I'm already close to it now. Of course it can only be fresh seafood. Absolutely no farm raised anything for me. If you've been a fan for a while you know we only eat  seasonally and eat fresh seafood and why we don't eat farm raised fish.

One of my favorite salads I take to the beach is a chilled summer salad. I add whatever seafood I have on hand along with vegetables.

This is what I made this time.

What you need

1 lb fresh Florida shrimp (I love pinkies!)

1 stalk celery

4 mixed baby bell peppers

container Florida cherry tomatoes

Salad greens of your choice (sometimes I pick right from my garden. This time of year is kale)

1 cup mayo

1 tbsp sweet chili sauce

salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic powder to taste

2016-06-16 13.58.28

How to make this Chill Summer Salad

Cook the shrimp in a skillet adding the salt, pepper, garlic powder and a pinch of cayenne. While that is cooking chop up all of your vegetables. Add the shrimp and vegetables to a bowl and mix. Toss in the mayo a little bit of sweet chili sauce (I put some to the side without the chili sauce for my husband, he thinks it would be spicy but it isn't.) The chili sauce adds a little bit of layered flavor but you can easily leave it out.

Put in the fridge and let it chill for at least an hour. Take it out and eat it on greens, chips, a sandwich , or crackers.

It is incredibly easy, healthy, and the person salad for summer. For more recipes visit Fresh From Florida.


Bonus recipe – Lots of delicious fresh Florida watermelon and blueberries on sale right now! We make parfaits and pack these for the beach too! Just layer the fruit with vanilla greek yogurt (I use one that is sweetened with stevia and only 100 calories).

2016-06-16 14.20.48




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