September 20

Garden of Secrets {Angel Bay} Review and Contest


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   Garden of Secrets – An Angel Bay Novel

Charlotte Adams is torn between two men.  Her first love from high school, Andrew, is now a minister, following in her father’s footsteps.  He wants a second chance, but she can’t imagine living her mother’s life.  Joe is the compelling and charismatic chief of police, who until recently belonged to someone else.  Does she want to be his second choice?

Her attempts to resolve her feelings and make peace with the secrets from her past put Charlotte in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Suddenly, she is under investigation—forced to face not only an old nemesis, but also the lost dreams of her youth.  And with love, marriage, family and friendships all at stake, Charlotte, Joe, and Andrew must discover that the truth is best seen through the eyes of love.

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Mandie's Thoughts – This is the perfect book to curl up on the beach with or on a porch swing. There were so many different facets to this story to keep you interested but it was still light enough to breeze through. Charlotte is a little insecure, has issues with her mother, and there are two men vying for her affection. One is her high-school sweetheart that cheated on her with a bimbo – now he is the church's pastor taking her deceased father's place. The second is the very sexy chief of police and Charlotte is the lead suspect in a burglary and attempted murder.

To make things worse the bimbo that her ex-cheated with is back in town causing trouble. Angel Bay is a special place where people come to heal. All of the main characters have recently come back and a lot of healing needs to happen. Apparently this book is part of a series (part 5) and everyone in town seems to be in them.

You get a little back story of each character and what has happened in the other books but frankly it wasn't enough because I really wanted to learn about everyone.

Garden of Secrets comes out Sept 20th .. Oh wait, that's today! So Order your copy HERE

Simon and Schuster is graciously allowing me to give a copy away to a lucky reader.


I received a copy for my honest opinion, no other compensation was received.




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