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How To Save Money – 10 Summer Savings Tips


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How To Save Money – 10 Summer Savings Tips
Are you planning a vacation this summer? Trying to put away money for college or the holidays? Managing a budget can be hard especially when it is summer time.

It is easy to let loose and spend more money during the summer months especially if your children are home from school. Just because it is summer does not mean you have to splurge. Some of the suggested ways to save money are extremely easy and fun to do. Here are 10 tips that will help you save money this summer without sacrificing your way of life.

Summer Tips – How to Save Money:

Dry Laundry Outside – Not only is this a great way to save on your gas or electric but it gets you out of the house. Anytime we can we use our clothesline. 

Walk More – Think of all the places you frequently go, are they close enough for you to walk or ride a bike? Not only will walking get you out of the house but you might find other cool places in your area as well.

Carpool – Save on gas by carpooling to work or your kids' summer camps. This is especially good if you travel far for work.

Pack Lunches– Help cut the cost of eating out by planning ahead and packing yourself a lunch every day. You can get a cooler or lunch bag inexpensively.

Explore your Area – Visit all of the local free places in your area: library, farms, walking trails, parks, etc.

Track your Spending – This is a great way to stay within your budget. Keep track of everything you spend your money on even if it is inexpensive.

Grill Outside/ Crockpot – Avoid using your oven and stove to save on your gas and heat.

Plant a Garden – Not only is this great for fresh food but it will help alleviate the cost of fruits and vegetables.

Staycation – If a vacation is not in your budget this year, don't fret. A vacation doesn't just mean traveling and going to the beach it also is a time for family act ivies. Plan days to just relax and have picnics or go sightseeing.

Budget for Activities – Make a list to plan ahead of all the things you would like to do this summer. Budget for those so you know ahead of time how much you will be spending.

                                             How To Save Money – 10 Summer Savings Tips – You have any ideas to add? Add them in the comments!

Take advantage of these suggestions so that you do not overspend this summer! These tips should help you prepare how to save money this summer without compromising fun.


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