August 17

Ohh La la


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My soon to be 7 year old has decided she wants her room redecorated. Unfortunately she shares her room with her soon to be 5 year old sister.

My oldest wants FRENCH – She's obsessed. She wants to move to Paris to become an ARTIST! She had me buy her a french language lesson, she loves anything with the effiel tower on it, and now she wants black and white bedding.  I posted a picture of which set she wants. Did I mention she is only going to be 7 next month? My youngest daughter is still in complete Tinkerbell mode but she came across this zebra print bedding she likes. I guess it matches in a round about way… right?I'm wondering how often I'm going to have to redecorate their rooms. I thought we'd be good with Tinkerbell until at least my oldest was 10. I guess not.

They are talking about switching their bedroom and playroom too. The bedroom is very small but they play in there a lot too. My oldest wants a sitting area with a couch so she can read.  I don't think she realizes how expensive her requests are. Lucky for her his momma is a great deal finder. Hopefully I can find an older sturdy — CHEAP couch that I can throw a sofa slip cover on.

How often are you changing your children's rooms around?




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  1. Since my kids(two girls) move into their new room. I’ve done two redecoration. Now, they are currently enjoying their princess theme room all painted with pink and purple. Though they let momma do all the job of redecoration unlike your kids who knew how to choose their color and prints. Next time I’ll ask for their help too in redecorating their room.

  2. That bedding is adorable! My younger sister has an issue with changing her bedroom around- it started around 9 or 10 and it is still going on now that she is 18 haha. That’s great you are able to find coupons for it!!! 🙂
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  3. I have the same problem in my house. I have a 12 year old and an almost 9 years whom share a room. One is into Justin Beiber the other is still into Tinkerbell. I just decorate their room half and half. That way the can each express themselves! We decorate probably every 2 years or so. Your child has exquisite tastes for her age 🙂

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