August 18

Creative Learning {Playing Restaurant}


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I'm currently reading an amazing book right now. It's called “The End of Molasses Classes” by Ron Clark .I will be reviewing the book (still reading it) but I thought I would touch of some things I found important.

My girls are still young so we do a lot of playing. Educational playing. I make it fun and keep them engaged. I expect a lot out of them but they would never know that since they are having fun.

There are so many fun games for kids that help them learn. Puzzles seem to be their favorite but I love flash card games and we make it a competition. They are sooo competitive with each other!

We also like to play restaurant. It starts early in the week when I get the grocery store circulars. We plan a couple of options for a yummy lunch. We set a budget, use coupons, and go shopping. This is mostly for my oldest daughter. She decides what with be on the menu (choice of two entrees, two sides, dessert, and choice of drinks). She makes the menu and prices everything. She waits on us taking our orders, we make the lunch, she serves us, and then she writes up our bills and we pay with monopoly money. She has to make change. This is one of her favorite games and she's getting ready to turn seven. When she's a little older we will probably count calories in the lunches too.

What kind of fun learning are you doing?


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  1. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to see that you wrote this. Either tomorrow or Wed I’m planning to write a math game post that is somewhat along these lines. If you don’t mind, I will also link to this post for a variation.:)

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