February 3

Save Money with Verified Codes


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This post is brought to you by Verified Codes, all opinions are my own.
verifiedcodeslogoI've gotten to the point where I do as much shopping online as possible. I don't like crowds and I'm busy with the blog, my PR work, and homeschooling. There isn't much time to hunt down deals in stores then drive to them. All of the GOOD stores are 40 mins away anyway. So that is time I just don't have.

I'm also always looking for a deal and I've found I can do that MUCH easier online. Especially with a site like Verified codes . They have a page that is ALL 50% off coupon codes and until now – that was unheard of!

I've grabbed coupons like The Body Shop, The Children's Place, and Best Buy.

*Sings* I never have to go to the mall again!! The best part is the coupons are updated and verified Every. Single. Day.

Verified Codes


Verified codes works with 25,000 different brands so you will find whatever you need.

I even found codes for products on Amazon (Free shipping with Prime!!). I typed it into the search and a ton of different coupons popped up. It's official – I'm in love!

They have coupons for everything! There is a section you can type in what state and closest city to you and coupons popped up for your area if you do want to venture out.

Be sure to check out their Chrome Extension so you never have to search for coupons again.


You can sign up for their emails to get the deals in your inbox.  Although I have a feeling I'm going to be checking their site every day!  Verified codes also tweets their deals throughout the day so be sure to follow them on twitter-@Verified_Codes 

Watch this funny video – What if coupons existed in real-life situations? Watch what happens when people are trapped in scenarios they can't get out of!




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