March 8

Ways to Wellness Ask Theresa

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Dear Theresa,

I’m a “stress eater” and I also tend to want to snack all day long.  I need something in front of me I can grab easily and munch on while I work.  And honestly, whether it be laziness or a time issue, I just can’t seem to “make” snacks ahead of time.  If you had some good recommendations about sweet and/or salty snacks that can be bought easily that would be wonderful!  Labels are so misleading and confusing these days.

Thank you,

Stressed Out and Hungry


Dear Stressed Out and Hungry,

Stress eating is a sure-fire way to sabotage attempts at weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  There are many choices for healthy quick snack foods depending on your mood.

Snacks that are easy to keep around, quick to grab and eat, and travel with you, I always start with fresh fruit.  It’s nature’s fast-food, satisfies sweet cravings and add minimal calories with maximum nutrition plus fiber.  

If you like salty SeaSnax are great for cravings.  They are light, crispy and salty.  Their loaded with minerals that the body uses as a way to calm stress in the body.  This way they stop your cravings and help to destress you at the same time.

If you are looking for something a bit more filling, you can add a nut butter (I prefer almond butter to peanut) to your fruit or organic celery (it tastes so much better than conventional celery).

For the ultimate grab and go, no fuss, no muss snack, reach for whole nuts.  Just a few fill you up, they are great for crunching when we are stressed out and if you have a store with bulk nuts you can find them in all kinds of wonderful flavors.  If you buy the sweetened nuts, check the label and make sure they are not adding in high-fructose corn syrup.  That is one way to derail your efforts.

Peace and Light,


Theresa Grisanti has studied nutrition and psychology with experts in this field for over 20 years. Using her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s degree in Nutrition, she coaches people to understand how their body works and ways to eat that promote health and vitality. You can find more information about Theresa on her website:


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