September 25

Zhu Zhu Quest for Zhu


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       My daughters have recently discovered Zhu Zhu pets and with their birthday around the corner we decided to have a Zhu Zhu party. Zhu-niverse™ and MomSelect sent us the new Quest to Zhu movie and party pack to review. It was perfect timing and we decided to have a Zhu Zhu birthday sleep over!

About the Movie –

When feisty but adorable Pipsqueak runs away from home she finds herself magically transported across the Zhu-niverseon a shooting star and about to embark on an unbelievable expedition. Along the way she befriends the rest of the ZhuZhu Pets® clan, and together, Pipsqueak, Chunk, NumNums and Mr. Squiggles undertake a magical journey to the Palace of Zhu, where rather strange things are happening.

Their voyage sees them scaling perilous ice-capped mountains and the wilderness of the Amazhu jungle, where they encounter a host of weird and kooky characters, including the wild savage Zhurrasic Zhus.  Quest for Zhu is packed to the brim with action and adventure; whilst the super-cool ZhuZhu® posse will enthral kids with their delightfully
hilarious dialog.

I started taking pictures of the girls while watching the movie and as you can see I was disturbing them. They were entranced by the movie. They love the little hamsters!  We carried the theme onto the next day and many of their toys were zhu zhu too.

The girls had a good time playing Zhu Zhu themed games, activities, and even got a Zhu zhu poster each!

Here are a few highlights from the party.

Watch No Place like Here Music Video

Check out Quest for Shu awesome Website packed with videos, downloads, and more!



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