December 29

3 Easy Duct Tape Crafts


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3 Easy Duct Tape Crafts

3 Easy Duct Tape Crafts

My kids just love making things themselves and working on easy projects that they can customize and one of our favorite things to have around the house is the new fun colors of Duct Tape.  This list of 3 Easy Duct Tape Crafts is easy to accomplish with literally hundreds of colors and designs available from various companies this has become a cheap and easy way for our kids to create unique designs of jewelry, accessories and décor that is truly custom and something they can be proud of that doesn’t break the bank.  You can find colored tape at most dollar stores, common retail stores and of course various online retailers such as Amazon and eBay {insert link to duct tape if desired}

Buy your favorite colors and designs and have fun creating these and other fun crafts with this multi-purpose tape.  I have included 3 ideas with directions for each.  Further tutorials are available on the Duct Tape website.

  1. Duct Tape Hair Bows.  For the little or big girl in your life these can add a bit of kick to any outfit and are truly a one of a kind design nobody else in the classroom or workplace will have.


Fold one 12” strip of duct tape in color/design of choice in half creating a 6” strip of duct tape with sticky sides clinging to each other.  Fold each side into itself with both sides meeting in the middle.  Take one 2” strip of duct tape in alternate color/design for accent and wrap around middle sealing two sides together while crimping to form bow.  “Fluff” sides out so bow is full. Attach to barrette, bobby pin or headband with additional small strips of duct tape.

  1. Duct Tape Wallet.  These can be customized with additional card pockets or without for girls or boys.  My children enjoy using the duct tape to put their initials or sports team on the outside for a truly unique design.


Cut five 8” long strips of duct tape.  Place two down on table with sticky side up overlapping each other by ¼”.  Place additional two strips on top sticky side down forming one solid sheet of duct tape with ¼” overlap to be folded over top to seal.

Cut two 6” strips of alternate color/design tape.  Fold each strip in half with sticky sides against each other creating a solid double sided sheet.  Place both of the pieces side by side on one side of wallet made above, using spare 8” strip to secure in place.  Cut additional 2-3” strips of duct tape in color desired to seal sides of “card holders” in place.  Fold wallet in half.  You may customize with initials, flowers, etc. created with duct tape.


  1. Custom Duct Tape Storage Bins.  I love keeping my office organized with bins made to suit my own personality.  I find my kids enjoy this as well especially when they get to take part in creating the bins.  You may use plastic or cardboard bins for this purpose.  It all depends on your preference, budget and need for durability.


Choose box or container of your choice and size desired.  I prefer the inexpensive $1 plastic shoebox bins available at most dollar stores or good old fashioned actual shoe boxes for this purpose.  Measure the box and cut strips of duct tape in color/design of choice 2-3” longer than length needed to cover box.  You may weave colors to create a checkerboard design, cover with all one color or use your creativity to design rainbows, stripes, circles or more.  Simply place strips over exterior (and interior if desired) of boxes until completely covered.  This is easy and quick to accomplish but I do recommend using a flat surface to help smooth out any wrinkles and bubbles as you work.

Duct Tape crafts are endless and fun for the entire family.  They are also a great way for your child to earn a few extra dollars.  Many local craft fairs will allow sales of cute duct tape items during the Fall Season to be used as Christmas gifts.  Enjoy these 3 Easy Duct Tape Crafts!


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  1. OMG why have I never thought of bow ties made out of duct tape!!! Thanks so much for the idea my girls will love doing this! They have an obsession with tape so i know it will go well.

  2. The duct tape ideas are so cute! I’m crafty but haven’t tried duct tape yet – these are the nicest I’ve seen and would love to try it!

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