March 28

5 Must-haves in your bathroom


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5 Must-haves in your bathroom

There are the usual things you find in the bathroom, like hand towels, bathroom cleaners, toilet paper, mats, and so on, but there are other things that help make the space more intimate and functional. The list below is 5 things that you must have in your bathroom if you are a homeowner;

Creative storage

Adding creative storage solutions in your bathroom will not only help you save on space but also help arrange and keep it neat. There are a lot of ways to revamp your bathroom and add creative spaces to it, besides the usual like vanity and linen closet spaces. Recessed shelving and counter space are some of the creative ways you can use to add storage spaces in your bathroom.

Proper lighting

You want to layer your lighting and define each space in your bathroom, which is why it is important to add proper lighting to it. If you use your bathroom to do your makeup or groom yourself, then you will need the right kind of lighting in there to make it easy for you to perform these close-up tasks. If you are renovating your bathroom, ensure to have lighting fixed around or above your mirror. Also, if you are having a hard time choosing the right places to have your lighting fixed, make sure to talk to an expert and ask them to recommend the best type of lighting for your bathroom space.

Heated toilet seat

When adding fixtures and fittings into your bathroom space, think of getting yourself something different for your toilet. Instead of the usual toilet seat, opt for a heated one and you will not regret it. This is a winter must-have and one of the best ways to style up your bathroom while keeping it modern. Heated toilet seats have many advantages, from the comfort and warmth it bears during cold seasons to alleviating muscle aches. Apart from that, installing a heated toilet seat is a smart way to heat your bathroom while saving on costs.

Multi-head shower

Shower spaces have evolved over time and we have seen introduction of innovative spaces like walk-in showers, benches, recessed shelving, and so on. Also, the multi-head shower is a trend that has been around for a while and a lot of contractors are adding these into new bathroom spaces. There are different ways to have the multi-head shower fitted in your bathroom, for instance, you can have a multiple wall mount fixture or even a combination of a hand-held and an overhead fixture.  

Luxurious tub

If you have a 9 to 5 job, then you know how important a bathtub is, but that does not mean that you cannot have one if you work fewer hours. A luxurious bathtub is a must-have in your bathroom and since ‘luxurious’ is relative, you can always have it however you want it. Choose a design that you feel will satisfy your needs or if you are house hunting, make sure your house choice has a bathroom tub of your choice.


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