May 11

7 Reasons to Never Shop at Aldi


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You may have heard all the fuss about Aldi. You may have heard how it is the only store your friends will shop at, or how their produce deals just can’t be beat. You may have wondered what’s so great about this store anyway? What could it possibly offer that other grocery chains don’t? And while I could share with you all the reasons you should shop at Aldi, I am here today to tell you the 7 reasons to never shop at Aldi. Should you still be feeling resistant to the Aldi fan club, here are 7 reasons to question it even more!

1. You love paying $2 a piece for avocado.

One of the things Aldi is quite famous for is its produce. You will not only find a huge selection but their prices are amazingly low. While you might pay as much as $2 each for avocado at your local grocer, Aldi offers it for as low as .88 cents each. This is the perfect price for making your famous guacamole. If you rather make your guacamole for more, never, ever shop at Aldi.

2. Weekly meat sales aren’t really your thing.

Aldi offers a weekly meat special where you can find quality meat cuts for as low as .99 cents pound and sometimes even less. Offers include ham, chicken, beef, sausage, and more. You never know what the weekly special will be, but you can look forward to a hot one each week. If you prefer to pay $4 and up a pound for meat, you might want to skip Aldi.

3. You prefer name brand items that cost twice as much.

One of the ways Aldi keeps prices is low is to offer their own brand of products. These products are all backed by a guarantee so you can get your money back on anything you don’t enjoy. If you prefer name brand items that taste the same yet cost twice as much, Aldi may not be your thing.

4. You prefer paying higher prices for specialty/gourmet meats and cheeses.

Did you know Aldi carries all sorts of foreign foods and gourmet meat and cheeses? They do, and you can enjoy these items for just a few bucks each. If buying these specialty items at gourmet shops makes you feel fancier, Aldi is not for you. You know what makes me feel fancy? Saving money by buying these items from Aldi instead.

5. Because it is impossible to enjoy fresh flowers unless they were expensive.

Aldi offers fresh flowers and plants each week that are florist shop quality with a wholesale price. If you are worried that guests will know your coffee table flowers didn’t cost $39.95 but $3.99, Aldi may not be for you. The truth is you can get more flowers for your money at Aldi, but if less flowers for more money is your kind of party, again, Aldi isn’t for you.

6. You think it is fun spending two times more than you need to on milk and eggs. Wahoo!

You can often find eggs for less than a dollar per dozen and milk for less than $2 per gallon. If you have a large family, you know how fast both food items can go. If this doesn’t sound fun to you and you rather pay twice as much at your grocer, Aldi is not for you.

7. You have a bottomless budget.

Perhaps you found out you are related to a prince in a faraway land and when he died he left you trillions of dollars. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you get the lowest price on meat products, dairy items, produce, and snack foods. Aldi’s weekly sales and money back promise probably isn’t relevant. The speedy checkout lines and clean stores may not interest you. If you are a trillionaire and don’t need to concern yourself with quality grocery items at unbeatable prices, Aldi probably isn’t for you. Then again, what better way to make that fortune last, hmmm?

There you have it, 7 reasons to never shop at Aldi. Not now. Not ever. Perhaps these reasons are enough to keep you out of Aldi stores forever, or perhaps you might start looking at them in a whole new light.


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