March 9

It’s Spring Time – Time to Get your Yard in Shape!


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This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's Spring and time to get your yard in shape. Your grass is alive and you need to feed it! And Now its easier to do so with Scotts® Snap® Spreader System! Now you can get a beautiful lawn without the mess and guesswork. All you have to do is just Snap, Lock and Go! Get a great lawn in a —- Snap®!??

We own a landscaping business. We don't have the license to apply the feed. We just plant, cut, and beautify. Some of our customers pay companies upward of $80 a month to have someone come feed their grass. You can do it MUCH cheaper yourself with the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System

We use Scotts ® products on our yard and we honestly recommend it to our customers too. This system is…

-No mess, no guess spreader system

-The Snap Pac connects directly to the Snap Spreader – no cutting, no opening and no pouring from heavy bags – no spilling or waste! ?The system auto-sets the proper flow rate. No Spreader settings required! It also has a unique EdgeGuard feature that keeps product where you want it…. on the lawn! ?

-When you’re done, the Snap Pac self-seals upon removal making it easy to store – No more half empty bags on the garage floor.

Check Scotts ® Snap® Spreader System and “like”Snap perks on Facebook so you know about Scotts great promotions and contests!


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