April 28

Rose Wines: What to Know and What to Drink


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The arrival of spring means dining al fresco, hiking, kite flying and frolicking in fields of bluebonnets. But the event we anticipate most eagerly is a backyard happy hour with a handful of friends and a few bottles of rosé.

Rosé is the great equalizer amongst wine drinkers — it serves as a lovable entree into reds for white drinkers, and red drinkers enjoy this cool refreshing treat as the weather starts to thaw (or really heats up in Florida!). So, it’s the perfect drink to have on-hand for a friendly gathering.

5 Things to Know about Rosé

  1. Typically made with red wine grapes and produced all over the world including the best wine-growing regions (yes, like Provence!).
  2. The longer the grape skins are in contact with the grape juices, the darker and more tannic the wine.
  3. Most often dry and fresh with pleasant acidity and fruit.
  4. Doesn’t improve with age — super-chill it and drink it now!
  5. Versatile! Pair with nearly anything, anytime.

What to Drink this Season

Each rosé is unique, so I enjoy trying a different bottle for every gathering. Find these picks (and more) at Whole Foods Market stores across the country:

Globerati RoséItaly. Look for aromas of red fruit and wild strawberries in this pink-hued sipper. Italians love a crisp, light, delicate rosé and this wine delivers. The clean, refreshing finish matches perfectly with roast pork loin, rich salads and lightly aged soft cheeses.

Santa Julia Innovacion Rosé, Argentina. Intensity in the cherry-pink color hints at the bold aromas of fresh strawberries and blackberries in the glass. Nice fruitiness, wonderful balance. The light elegant finish calls for grilled fish, pizzas and charcuterie. With more than 6 glasses of wine per 1-liter bottle, it’s a great value!

Conde Valdemar Rosé, Spain. Tantalizing floral aromas mingle with wafts of red berries in this fruity Rosé. Zippy acidity balances nicely with graceful notes of strawberry and currant. Freshness lingers in the long finish. Perfect with crab cakes, smoked fish and Mediterranean dishes. This bottle can be hard to find anywhere else.

Terra Corsa Vin de Corse, France. Classic pink hues and complex aromas of red currant, peach and orange in this gem from the island of Corsica. Floral flavors mix with notes of Mediterranean herbs and citrus. Fresh pomegranate shows in the mouthwatering finish. This makes a perfect aperitif. And you can only find it at Whole Foods Market!

Rosé Recipe Ideas

Strawberry Rosé Punch

Strawberry Rosé Punch Recipe

Rosé + muddled red berries & basil + crushed ice + strawberry soda

Rosé Spritzer

Rosé Spritzer Recipe

Rosé + sparkling water + grapefruit peel garnish

Rosé Lemon Sorbet

Rosé Lemon Sorbet Recipe

Freeze Rosé + splash of sparkling water + sugar + lemon juice + lemon zest

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