February 21

Kevin’s Point of View Book Review and #bookgiveaway


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Kevin's Point of View Book Review

Kevin’s Point of View by Del Shannon was an amazing read. Kevin, a young boy with an overactive imagination and a quick sense of humor, is a quirky and lovable character who draws you in almost immediately, from the time he jumps out the bathroom window, completely naked.

After losing his father in a terrible biking accident, Kevin uses his imagination as a coping mechanism, which often gets him into trouble. Mrs. Tobin is at her wits’ end with her son and has no idea what to do with him when the Influxitron gets delivered right to her doorstep and into the hands of her very own son.

Kevin has no idea what this little box does, but he quickly learns that it is very dangerous and that there are people who would kill for it.

Del Shannon takes readers on an amazing and dangerous adventure with Kevin, his best friend Tony and the TRON as they run for their lives to escape Pudge, the little man caught in the middle, and the evil Devin who has sinister plans of his own.
    Kevin soon finds out what the Influxitron is really for and realizes that it has the potential to change his life forever and possibly even save it.
    I enjoyed the way each of the characters paths crossed in unexpected ways and absolutely loved the ending this story. I would have liked to know a little more about the evil Devin and how he ended up where he was with such hateful intentions. Overall, Del Shannon spins a wonderful and engaging story that I would highly recommend.

Haley Kandle is a college student attending Valencia College as a Baking and Pastry Management major. Haley enjoys reading, writing and the company of her family and friends.

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