April 22

Money Saving Tips for Getting New Eye Glasses


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Brought to you by Discount Eye Glasses

We recently started Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover to pay down debt and get ahead. I've been meal planning, couponing, and shopping several stores and online so I can get the best possible deals. I'm saving hundreds every month and I wanted to pass on to you some of my money saving tips for getting new eye glasses.

Did you know that you can go to Costco or Sam's to get an eye exam for so much less than an optometrist? Almost a third of the price of the national average! That is so serious big savings! The best part… you just get the prescription. Trust me on this one. The eyeglasses is where they are making their money back so shop around!

My favorite place to get my family's eyeglasses is DiscountGlasses.com. They have the best selection and their website is so easy to use. You can search by brand, color, style, or simply by gender or kids. Discount eyeglasses even has an amazing sale section and they offer a fantastic variety of sunglasses too!

I got a pair of glasses for around $40. I had the SAME classes I bought in person from an eye doctor for $200. That is an insane amount of savings! Kids glasses – for what I had paid for glasses and replacement insurance, I can just buy several pairs from here instead.

They also have FREE SHIPPING and FREE returns if you have a problem. You can't get better than that. They also have a 365 day guarantee. Their home office, lab and customer service live in the heartland of the U.S. and you can even get your eyeglasses the NEXT DAY and track your order!

Find the perfect glasses for you by using their Face Shape Guide. (and NO PUSHY SALESMAN!)

Wear contacts instead? No worries, they have you covered there. Check out their sister site DiscountContactLenses.com

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