September 14

The Naturally Stylish Cowhide Rug


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Brought to you by Cow Hide Rugs
cowhide_rug_londonOne of the nicest things about cows is their smooth, multicolored coats that seem to never fade or shed. When you come across a herd munching in a field, their hides make a pleasant pattern that is always soothing to look at.

This is one of the reasons why cowhide rugs have been so popular in homes and decorations, and not just in the West. The unique patterns and array of colors complement about every décor and can serve both as eye-catching focal points or soothing backdrops in any room. The rough-edged hides can hang on walls and lie before fireplaces to give a place the feel of a western ranch, or it can be neatly tucked around couches and chairs to make a place seem posh and elegant.


Cowhide rugs have appealed to decorators for other reasons. They go well in rooms with a lot of traffic. The typical cowhide rug is made from a Longhorn cow, a warm-weather breed with a silky, thin layering of hair. Despite the fine texture, the hair is durable and easy to clean, needing only a wipe with a dry cloth or a once-over with the vacuum hose attachment to look clean and fresh. They last decades without shedding or fading, and you can stash them in any box out of the sun when you feel like changing the décor. Whenever you feel like taking it back out, it will still look luxurious and ready for its new home.

The rugs have a natural anti-skid backing that makes it ideal for places such as livingrooms and halls where people will walk on it. Cowhides can hang out on the top of stairs without concern, and they won’t slip around your wall when you hang them up. This is a big plus when you consider how annoying it is to add additional non-slip backings to rugs.

A cowhide rug is also hypo-allergenic. The thin covering excludes the normal debris that people react to, and the hair doesn’t come off. While fur and wool may set sensitive people sneezing, the hair of a Longhorn cow will be safe as cotton.

The original appeal of the cowhide rug, though, was probably its wonderful insulating properties. The smooth top is always cool to the touch, but its breathable backing will keep heat on your bed or couch, making it an ideal addition to bedrooms and guest rooms in climates where the nights get very cool. A guest will be seriously impressed by the way that the light covering keeps them comfortable.

All in all, cowhide rugs can be as charming an addition to your house as a herd of cattle is to a field. To learn more about cowhide rugs click here.


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