December 4

Save the Wine w/ VinoVinti


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of VinoVinti for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My "Mommy Time" is a nice glass of red wine a couple of times a week. Some times it is with a good book, other times it is with a bubble bath.

I used to be general manager at a fine dining restaurant. I put together a 300 bottle wine list, it was impressive. I know good wine and some times I even buy it 😉 I like  VinoVinti  because it removes excess carbon dioxide from wine, it improves the flavorr and adds years of smoothness in seconds! it is MUCH faster than decanting and more effective than aeration.

The VinoVinti is a MUST have for the wine entusiast on your Christmas buying list!

It's easy to use too!

How Does the VinoVinti Work?

VinoVinti’s patented technology uses a specially engineered ceramic rod and vacuum pump to create nucleation – a process that allows excess carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules to come together, form a bubble and escape the wine—enhancing the flavor, feel and finish of the wine at once.

Why is it called a Carbonic Acid Extractor?

The principal gas that VinoVinti extracts from a bottle of wine is CO2 or carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide in liquid solution is carbonic acid – the same stuff that makes soft drinks fizz.

What are the benefits of using the VinoVinti?

-VinoVinti enhances the wine experience by giving hands-on control over the flavor feel and finish of both red and white wines.
-Reduces the harshness of tannins and what some people call the “acidic bite.”
-Opens the wine and enriches the flavor.
-Improves the mouthfeel and finish.
-Simple to use.
-Treats the entire bottle of wine in 20 – 30 seconds.
-Designed to give a lifetime of wine enjoyment.

Go to VinoVinti to order this awesome Gift for yourself or another wine enthusiast and like VinoVinti on Facebook to receive updates!

**Please drink responsibly, and as always, only drink if you are at least 21 years old or older**


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