September 1

The Barefoot Executive Book Review


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The Barefoot Executive: The Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss and Achieving Financial Freedom

Carrie Wilkerson offers the opportunity to live life on your terms.  Want to start your workday with e-mail and coffee on the back patio?  Want the flexibility of joining your fourth grader on an all-day field trip? Are you ready to take that vacation you've been planning for years?  Then you have a choice to make, and The Barefoot Executive will help jump-start your transition.  You'll learn:

  • Your “why.”  The most important question. Why do you want to work for yourself?
  • What type of business best suits your experience and talents.
  • How to stay focused on your goal and avoid distractions.
  • Where to find the support that will accelerate  your success.
  • How to link your business to the right market.
Whether it's a service, a product, or your insight or expertise, you already have the raw materials necessary to transform your life.  Carrie will walk you through the process of building the business you need to achieve the life you want.  Her guidance is practical.  No philosophical silliness, no theoretical abstractions- just concrete action steps alongside insights from fellow entrepreneurs, interactive exercises, and links to Carrie's online video coaching segments.  It's the next best thing to working one-on-one with her.  The Barefoot Executive will have you energized by the possibilities and embracing the extraordinary life that is well within your reach.
DISCOVER what you already have to offer, how to use it to your advantage, and where to find the people who are eager to buy it.  The Barefoot Executive will pull you over the hurdle of uncertainty and get you moving, planning, doing. Visit The Barefoot Executive website. (You can download the first chapter of the book!)
Mandie's Review -You may not know but I work from home. Not just my blogs and running the office for our landscaping business but I am also a partner in Promotional Book Tours which I started because books are my passion. So when I had an opportunity to review this book I jumped on it. This book is packed with enthusiasm to get you pumped up but also offers practical advice. She shows you that you can start small so you aren't overwhelmed and can reach for the stars later.
Within 2 yrs Carrie was out of $100,000 worth of debt and had a real estate portfolio started. If that isn't inspiring I don't know what is! I already understood a lot of her concepts (like the myths). It IS scary to branch out on our own and start your own business but it doesn't have to be. I have never been an employee minded person. Even when I did work for someone else I always ended up managing. I always felt I was meant to own my own business.
The book is packed with inspiration quotes and Barefoot case studies. It shows you how to chase YOUR dreams instead of someone elses and shows you mistakes people often make.
My Favorite quote – “Do. Or do not. There is no “try” ” – Yoda, Star Wars
I know times may be a little shaky to start your own business right now but I DO highly recommend this book to help you start thinking outside of the box and work for yourself.
Buy it HERE

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