November 22

2 Complete Sets of Creativity Children’s Books


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   Barron's Educational Series is an amazing online book store. That has book on crafts to movies, to children's activity books. They are giving away 2 sets of their amazing Creativity book Sets!!  If you can't wait, don't worry you can buy them separately and check out all of their fun educational books here

Christmas Creativity Book $11.69

Topping Barron?s growing series of activity-packed Creativity books for kids, The Christmas Creativity Bookstands out as the most colorful, most fun-filled, most overflowing-with-ideas volume yet. Its lively pages sparkle with everything kids love best about Christmas—Santa and his reindeer, glittering holiday-theme decorations, games to play, puzzles to solve, songs to sing, pictures to color—and even directions for baking delicious treats from the recipe collection of Mrs. Claus. Here?s just a small sample of delights kids will find when they open this wonderful book—

  • Two sticker sheets and a big, colorful gatefold scene where boys and girls can attach the stickers
  • Glittering sheets of Christmas wrapping paper with templates on their backs for cutting and decorating several of the book?s special illustrations
  • Directions for making a Christmas lantern to hang in the window
  • Instructions for making a map with landmarks that show Santa how to travel from the North Pole to the house where the children live

Here?s the perfect activity book to help boys and girls count down the days until Christmas. They?ll keep busy with a wealth of things to do, cheerful illustrations to decorate, and ideas to inspire their imaginations and stimulate their creative spirits. (Ages 6 and older)

The Fashion Tween Creativity Book $11.69

Little girls who love pretty clothes and all the fashion items that go with them will adore this activity book. It's packed with pages to color, puzzles to solve, quizzes, mazes, and games to play. Girls can color in a model's hair, draw their own fantasy wardrobe, design pretty fashion accessories, and let their imaginations run free, as they discover something new to create on every page. Attractive features include

  • Stickers and a fold-out sticker scene
  • Decorated craft paper for fashion activity projects
  • A pull-out stencil sheet
  • Paper dolls to cut out and dress
  • Write-in stories and games . . . and much more

Here are all kinds of things for little girls to make and do with illustrations on every page. Approximately 40 images are in full color. (Ages 6 and older)

The Pirate Creativity Book $11.69

Here's an activity book to keep kids entertained during quiet times. Its theme is pirates and their high-seas adventures, and it's packed with pictures, fun things to make and do, and puzzles and mazes to solve. Kids will find

  • Pictures to color
  • Two sticker sheets plus a large gatefold sticker scene
  • A pirate theme stencil sheet
  • Decorated craft paper with pirate designs . . . and more

Children can color in a pirate's ship, learn to draw a parrot, design a pirates' skull and crossbones flag, play the Lost in the Jungle game, and much more. The book features action-packed pirate illustrations on every page, including 40 in vivid color (Ages 6 and older)

The Dragon Creativity Book $11.69

Little boys love stories about dragons, and here?s an activity book designed to keep them busy with dragon-related activities. They can create uniquely fearsome dragon heads, count dragons? eggs hidden in dragon illustrations, read dragon maps as they play dragon games, and generally enjoy hours of dragon-hunting fun. This big book features:

  • Stickers for creating original dragon illustrations
  • Stencil sheets for making dragons and knights kids can draw or cut out, and then color in imaginative hues
  • A spectacular oversize pull-out dragon scene to be embellished with dragon stickers . . . and much more.

Kids can make dragon models and solve dragon puzzles by following hidden clues or completing dot-to-dot pictures. They?ll also find inspiration for drawing dragon paws, claws, and wings. The Dragon Creativity Book encourages little boys to exercise their minds and creative imaginations as they engage in all kinds of stimulating games and activities. Every page features great illustrations in color and black and white. (Ages 5 and older)

The Princess Creativity Book $11.69

Certain to please every little princess who enjoys crafts and activities, this big, fun-packed book has pictures to color, sticker sheets for decorating a gatefold sticker scene, stencils for drawing, decorated paper for fashioning crafts items, mazes and puzzles to solve, directions for making a princess crown, princess games to play with friends, and much more. Every little girl wants to be a princess, and this book encourages her with?

  • An Are You a Real Princess? quiz presenting questions for her to answer
  • Instructions for making a Royal Proclamation Poster she can attach to her bedroom door
  • An insert-and-press-out sheet she can use to construct models of a Princess and Prince
  • A Fortune Teller cut-out to predict her own magic future . . . and much more

No story about a princess is complete without a Wicked Queen, and girls will find directions for completing a Wicked Queen picture, plus more drawing activities that include designing new hairdos, solving dot-to-dot puzzles, and sketching in the missing items in Cinderella?s photo album. Little girls will discover fun-to-do activities on every page of this entertaining book, along with illustrations to inspire their imaginations and stimulate their creative dreams. (Ages 6 and older)

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  1. My 11 yr old daughter loves designing fashions so the fashion tween book for her but there is something for all 4 of my kids in these books.Thanks!

  2. The Dragon Creativity book looks fantastic. All of the choices in this giveaway would be perfect for my kids. Lots of great ones on their website too like Kids’ Winter Fun Book.

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