November 25

Christmas Tree Brownie Bites


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I feel like I'm baking non-stop this time of year. Sometimes I'm in a hurry or just need a break. If you are looking for something fast and easy to take to a Christmas party or even something cute for the kids to make you can make these Christmas Tree Brownie Bites with pre-made little debbie snacks! They are incredibly simple to make.

BBTrees5Christmas Tree Brownie Bites ­

What you need!

1 package of Little Debbie Brownie Bites – 5 packages with 4 Brownies in each package

2­3 tubes of Wilton green decorator icing

Wilton plastic icing tips – located right next to the icing *Wilton products are sold at major

retailers and craft stores

Multi­colored sprinkles

Yellow stars (you can substitute yellow mini M&M's)


Directions ­

#1. Open all the brownie bites and discard the wrappers.

#2. Attach the star shaped tip onto the green icing tube. Gently squeeze the icing out of the tube

onto the top of the brownie bite slowly turning the brownie bite so that the frosting starts to build

up. Continue until it looks like a tree.



#3. Immediately sprinkle with the multi colored sprinkles (lights) and then add a ‘star' to the top.

#4. Repeat with all the brownie bites

*Makes 10 servings. 2 brownie bites = 1 serving.


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  1. I just think your Christmas Tree Brownie Bites ­are adorable, and they really turned out so wonderful. I will have to make these with my daughter for the Holidays.

  2. These look so fun to make. I would love to make them for Christmas this year. I bet they would look great on the table.

  3. These look so cute. My sons love to decorate and bake with me and we usually have their friends over to help. Great way to learn for kids too! Love the design so cute!

  4. These look so festive. I am going to make this for our family Christmas. It would be fun to decorate the trees with different candies.

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