November 13

Cranberry Scented Votive Holder


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I have a lot of candles throughout my house and I'm constantly changing them out. I like this candle because it smells so good as well as looking beautiful and everything is natural.

It's extremely easy as well. These are perfect for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Cranberry Scented Votive Holdercranberry1

Supplies needed:

Canning jar

6-7 pine sprigs

12-15 fresh cranberries

Tea light candles



cranberry21. Begin by placing the pine sprigs into the jar. Press them down or trim them so they don’t go above the rim of the jar.

2. Fill the jar about ¾ of the way full with water. Let the pine settle.

3. Add in the fresh cranberries. Drop them in a few at a time and let them float to the top.

4. Once the inserts are settled into place, you can add your tea light votive. You can’t use a battery operated one since the votive will get wet, use only a real wax one.

5. Light the votive and enjoy the sight and smell of the cranberry scented votive holder.

6. If you wish, you can add more garnish by tying a ribbon around the top of the jar.

You can make several of these to line your fireplace or counter for an easy holiday decoration. They make beautiful center pieces as well.


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  1. I love this! I think this would make a great gift for people on my list. I think I will do in Mason Jars so I can seal them, and have the votive candle on top wrapped up. So cool, thanks.

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