November 19

Making a First Aid Kit for Kids


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Kids will get hurt, it’s just inevitable. Whether they are playing at the park or just horsing around the house, something is bound to happen. Having a first aid kit for the kids will help set your mind at ease when these things do happen. But what do you need to have in a first aid kit and where should you have these kits? Let’s take a look at how you and your kids can build a kit for home and what a kit for traveling or just being out and about should contain.

Choosing a Container For Your First Aid Kit

The first step is to choose containers that will work for a first aid kit. Many times stores will have some tin or plastic boxes that are ideal for a first aid kit at home. Smaller kits for keeping in your purse or your child’s backpack can be put into old, small tins. You can also find plastic containers that have snap-on lids. Any container you choose should have a way to snap shut or seal shut so it won’t end up spilling all over and it will keep your items sterile.

Labeling the First Aid Kit

The label on your new first aid kits should be large enough to attract the attention of someone looking for it. Make sure to use large bold letters and if you can seal the label with tape that will keep it from getting ruined when you use it. Be sure to label all the kits you make, even the ones you are keeping in your purse or child’s backpack. In a situation where the first aid kit is required you want to make obtaining it as easy as possible, remember the person looking for it may be frazzled from whatever situation is happening.

Make Sure Your First Aid Kit Has Emergency Phone Numbers

On a small piece of paper, write down emergency phone number such as mom or dad’s number, a local hospital, grandparent numbers, and the local police. Tape this small list inside the lid of your first aid kit. This way these numbers are right at your fingertips or your child’s in case they need to reach someone. This also makes the numbers accessible to your child’s teacher if they need to use the first aid kit on a school outing.

Create a List Of Supplies You Will Need In Your First Aid Kit

Some things you might want in your first aid kit could include:

•Antiseptic towelettes
•Ace bandage
•Instant cold compresses
•Medical tape
•Sterile gauze
•Medicated ointment
•Aloe vera gel
•Calamine lotion

Another thing to consider putting in your first aid kit would be a backup inhaler, Eppie pen, or insulin if this something your child needs and knows how to use on themselves or their teacher has been trained to administer it.

Include a Variety Of Items For Your First Aid Kit

When packing your first aid kit, make sure to include a variety of items in a variety of sizes. Smaller Band-Aids are great for little cuts, while having a larger one for skinned knees or elbows are ideal. Ace bandages also come in more than one size and having at least two in different sizes available in your first aid kit will help when a situation arises where they are required.

Teaching Kids About the First Aid Kit

When it comes to building the first aid kits, it is always a good idea to include the kids if they are old enough. They may have ideas you didn’t think of. It is also important to teach them where they are located, both at home and in other locations when they are not in the house or off traveling. Educate them on how to use certain products and in what situations they are to use their emergency phone numbers you have included in the first aid kit. By educating them, you will build their confidence and help them to stay calm in a situation.

Remember, kids get hurt. It just happens. Being prepared with a first aid kit will help you both handle the situation better and you will feel ready to deal with it.


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