May 17

Ways to Wellness Ask Theresa – Juicing vs Smoothies

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Green SmoothieDear Theresa,


I have been wondering what is the difference between juicing and whole food smoothies? Which one is better if you are trying to healthy?


Thank you,

What to Drink?


Dear What to Drink?,


Interestingly both are good for people on different journeys.


Juicing is the process of removing juice from the pulp of vegetables and fruits.  It concentrates the nutrients of many whole foods into a form that is easy to assimilate .


Whole food smoothies use a high speed blender to turn those same vegetables and fruits into a nutritious drink while retaining the pulp.  This makes a nutrient dense food that supports health and weight loss as well as increasing cravings for more healthy food choices overall.


The main difference, as you may have noted, is the presence of pulp in the smoothies.  The added fiber in smoothies makes them move more slowly through the digestive system.  Our Standard American Diet (SAD) is seriously lacking in fiber and removing even more causes me to be concerned with the concentrated sugars.


While juicing can be very helpful in creating a healthy environment for people who are healing their body, I believe using juices indefinitely can deprive the body of the whole food.  When you begin to take foods apart, elements we have not yet identified are lost from our food.


Nutrition is a very young science and there is more that we don’t know about food and it’s impact on our body than we are clear about.


Working with my clients I encourage them to use smoothies over juicing for this reason. If a person is trying to heal a severe illness, juicing can be a faster way to clean out the body (see the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”).  But if you are healthy and just want to increase your nutrients or lose weight, add whole food smoothies to your diet and you will get all of the benefits without losing any of the good stuff our bodies need.


Love & Light,



Theresa Grisanti has studied nutrition and psychology with experts in this field for over 20 years. Using her Bachelor's in Psychology and Master's degree in Nutrition, along with Energy Medicine, she coaches people to understand how their body works and ways to eat that promote health and vitality. You can find more information about Theresa’s work on her website:


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