March 18

Stress Relievers for the New Mom, Courtesy of a Dad Who Did (DADspirations Book Tour)


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The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood

by Pete Densmore

Every new mom could use a day at the spa—know somebody who is expecting?

With nearly 4 million annual births in the US, there is a good chance we know a
family member, a friend, or co-worker who is expecting a baby in the near future.
We all know that stress levels increase before, during and after delivery, so you’d
be hard pressed to find a better gift than sending a new mom to a spa for the
day. Not just for some much deserved pampering and relaxation, but also to
support the idea of prevention. Preventive care is gaining more and more traction
in recent years given some important contributing factors:

Pic 1 for TTFM

The “wait-to-get-sick” approach is causing
us to spend more money, backlog
hospital/doctor offices and generally wear
down our bodies.
We’ve never been more stressful and it’s
stress that has been linked to indirectly or
directly causing nearly 80% of diseases
and human illnesses.
Time spent at spas lead to increased
energy, relieved aches or eased tension,
which are fundamental practices for
delaying illness and encouraging

If nothing else, it provides moms with the opportunity to unplug and chill. No
smartphones, no iPads, no laptops—no distractions.
Spa Reference

But for argument’s sake, let’s say you find out that the mom you’ve identified
as deserving of a day of deep tissue massages or a European conditioning
facial doesn’t actually like them. She’s not a reflector, an inner discover or a
mud bather. She’d rather just hang with the girls and catch up on the ins and
outs of her BFFs. If that should happen, fear not, because here is Plan B, and
coincidently—or not—it has similar health benefits as Plan A.

It’s widely accepted that close friends has positive and long-term benefits for
your health, so leave her favorite boots and a note with the mom that lists out
a schedule for a girls night out. This group of peeps can be the shoulder one
needs to lean on, the ears to listen to a much needed venting and the warmth to
console concern. Spending time with the girls has more benefits than a night of
sushi, wine and laughter, as one study conducted a study on friendship among
women, finding:
• Hanging out with our friends can lessen
stress as women respond to stress with a
chemical increase in the brain that causes
women to make and maintain friendships with
other women
• Friends help us live longer as one studyPic 2 TTFM
found having more friends over a long period
of time can reduce the risk of death by more
than 60%
• More friends leads to a happier life and
lessens the chance for developing physical
impairments, ultimately a very healing
Friendship Reference

In addition to the health benefits, spending time with friends gives one a sense
of belonging that helps negate loneliness, improves self-confidence by validating
that you’re a pretty good person to hang with and gives one some security in
knowing that at any given time, friends can help with guidance, advice or money.

I know a thing or two about stress. Within three years, my wife and I met, got
engaged, married, both left/started new jobs, moved 3 times and welcomed
2 kids into the world. The two ideas & photos above were both taken from my
book DADspirations: The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood. So, if you want more fun,
practical ideas that impact a new mom, as well as a new dad and baby, you
should check it out on Amazon.

People Magazine has asked Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio- Urso, to host a BIG giveaway! The publish date is March 25, 2013. My book,
DADspirations: The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood will be included in the prize pack giveaway open to the public. In addition, I am making the eBook version FREE for Kindle on 3/25 and 3/26 at

DADspirations_Book Cover Image_HiResAbout The Book

DADspirations: The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood is a fast-
reading, humorous book, which includes an actionable
checklist of essential ideas, illustrated with photographs. It
offers a strategy for the expectant and new father by focusing
on 35 weekly ideas that Dad can do for himself, his wife and his
newborn. They’ll get a plan, they will get a strategy and they
will get some much-needed laughs along the way. Some of
these creative ideas include:

Send your loving wife to the spa, which secures for
you an afternoon of introducing Bob Ross and Kung Fu to your baby.
Develop a baby birth time capsule, which captures all of the precious
moments from a day you're likely to forget.
Build a toy box, which gives you the perfect excuse to spend an entire
day alone in the garage with power tools and beer.
Schedule a girl’s night out, which lets your wife re-connect with her
besties and you get to have a night watching all 3 Star Wars movies—the
real ones, not Episodes I, II and III.


DADspirations_PeteDensmore_HeadshotAbout The Author

Father of two, Pete Densmore doesn’t consider himself an expert in parenthood by any means. He
makes the same number of mistakes as every other parent and doesn’t have any fancy combination of
letters after his name. Densmore believes that anyone can be an inspired dad as long as he wants
to put the time, effort and heart into becoming one.

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